We hardly consider flowers as a gift for men. But times are changing fast and there is no reason why you can’t give some pretty looking fresh flowers to the man in your life. 

Flowers are not girly. There are many manly flowers and men enjoy receiving flowers from their close ones as it makes them feel special. 

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If you’re still second-guessing about giving flowers to your man, keep reading to know why it’s a good idea.

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What Manly Flowers Can You Give To a Guy?

Different flowers have different meanings. Men give red roses to the women they love and women can do the same. Sending flowers to a man lets him know how special he is to you and how much you care for him. You can send different types of flowers on different occasions to your man as there is a flower for every emotion.

Here are some good choices of flowers for men:

Red Roses To Express Your Romantic Love

The Red Rose is the ultimate flower to express romantic feelings. Whether it’s a date or a birthday, or just a normal day when you want to make him feel special, you can never go wrong with red roses. 

White Flowers To Ask For Forgiveness

If you’re going through a rough patch with your man, you can send him white flowers to apologise and let him know how much he means to you. White flowers can also be sent to express sympathy and condolences. You can mix and match and make a bouquet of different white flowers like roses, gerberas, orchids and lilies.

Pink Roses To Express Platonic Love and Admiration

Pink is not just a colour for girls and pink flowers are manly too. You can give pink roses to male friends, family and even mentors to express your admiration. Send a bouquet of pink roses to the man you admire and bring a smile to his face.

Yellow Roses or Lilies For Friendship

Yellow is the colour of friendship. Bright yellow flowers represent joy and happiness. You can send yellow flowers to your male friend to let them know how much you appreciate them or to congratulate them on an achievement. 

What Gifts Can You Pair With Flowers For Men?

Flowers alone can make a great gift for men. But if you’re looking for something more, here are some gift choices that go well along with flowers for men.

  • Wine
  • Fragrances
  • Shirt
  • Tech accessories
  • Gift vouchers
  • Snack hamper
  • Books
  • Movie tickets, and more.

Is It Okay To Send Flowers To His Office?

Sending flowers to someone’s workplace can be a big deal as it makes them the centre of attraction. Unlike conventional thinking, men do like being in the spotlight. Whether it’s an occasion or a regular day when you want to express your appreciation, sending flowers to your man at his office can brighten up his day. 

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